Air Ambulance in Dhaka – A Life saving Service for Bangladesh

Air Ambulance in Dhaka – A Life Saving Service for Bangladesh

Air ambulance in Dhaka is an invaluable service that can help save the lives of those who need urgent medical care. Because Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, lacks proper medical facilities, it can take hours or even days to transport patients to hospitals that can treat them.

Air ambulances in Dhaka, on the other hand, can get patients to lifesaving treatment quickly, saving them from injuries or ailments that could have killed them otherwise. 

When there’s no air ambulance in Dhaka, who knows how long it will take to save your life? So we need the Air ambulance service to save lives. You can reach the hospital in a short time and can take treatment.

What Should You Know Before Arranging Such An Emergency Medical Transport?

There are many things to consider when arranging emergency medical transport. Here are some of the points that you should consider before deciding.

Emergency medical transport is when a patient is transferred from one location to another in an emergency. It can be done by ground, air, sea, or even private vehicles.

Some of the primary considerations that should be made before arranging such an emergency medical transport include:

  • What is the patient’s condition?
  • How long will it take for them to recover?
  • Are they medically fit enough to travel, and what additional health conditions do they have?
  • What would happen if they were not transported, and how would their condition worsen?
  • Is there any risk of spreading infection or disease during transportation?

Ambulance Services Flying Across The World

air ambulance service in bangladesh

We are one of the most experienced air ambulance companies in Bangladesh, and we can transfer patients from any hospital to any other hospital.

  • Over 500 and More of the World’s Major Cities Air Ambulance
  • The Majority of Medical Support Provided While in Air Ambulance
  • Air ambulance service supported by a fleet of over 15 aircraft.
  • Air ambulance service supported by a fleet of more than 25 helicopters

Why Can’t the Air Ambulance Fly at Night?

Due to Safety Concerns, Some Air Ambulances Cannot Fly at Night. Biman, one of two air ambulance service providers in Bangladesh and India, did not respond to numerous requests seeking comment. So why can’t these night flights be made?

The short answer is that it comes down to safety concerns for both patients and crew members (although, as we’ll explore, there are some other possible factors as well).

Let’s Look At a Few Reasons Why Flights May be Limited Depending on Your Destination.

In BD Night Flights: It’s too risky. An air ambulance service cannot fly in the dark without outside visual confirmation of the landing site. Furthermore, to do so would require as many as two pilots with night flying experience. 

Finally, due to safety concerns with nighttime flights, night flights are capped at 1 hour in Bangladesh, where pilots and crew members must be on a 24-hour shift schedule and have at least 20 hours of nighttime experience. 

Call Air Ambulances to Get Service.

the air ambulance service

An air ambulance service that helps save lives by providing emergency transportation and treatment of patients. Air ambulances are rapidly becoming an essential part of healthcare systems worldwide, as they offer a fast way to transport urgent medical cases to local hospitals. 

Since time is critical when treating medical emergencies, especially those with heart problems, being able to fly doctors and paramedics directly to their destination can help save lives. When we are injured, we call the ambulance service to go to the hospital, And when you need air service to go to the hospital, we call it air ambulance service. 

In Bangladesh, many companies are providing air ambulance services. Air ambulance service BD provides good Service, they are always ready to receive your call, and you will get any information. Just call Air Ambulance BD to tell them you need an Air ambulance to go to the hospital urgently. Then you send you an Airplane or Helicopter. 

Why Do We Need Air Ambulance?

There are many air ambulance service providers in the world. But, Bangladesh is a developing country, and there are not any air ambulance service providers in Bangladesh. So, in an emergency, people have to pay for their treatment from their pocket or government funds.

As a result, patients lose their lives during traveling because of traffic jams, etc. Hence they need to solve their problems as soon as possible through Air Ambulance services. These service providers will help them treat them immediately at those places where medical facilities are only available. 

Still, no doctors work at that hour so that they will be able to save patients’ lives by providing specialized treatment or arranging better medical facilities, which are only available in the capital city or central cities.

How much Does it Cost?

Air ambulance services are, as you would expect, significantly more expensive than ground transport. Whether or not it’s worth it will depend on various factors, including whether there is a dedicated air ambulance that can meet your needs and whether you’re stuck with outpatient care following a hospital stay.

If your employer is paying for part or all of your treatment, then cost probably isn’t much of an issue—you can take comfort knowing that the bill will be footed by someone else. On average, air ambulance trips cost about 80,000 to 3,50,000 BDT. The cost is time low or may be high, so before booking the Service, call us and know the current price.

The Necessary Paperwork for International Air Ambulance Service

air ambulance service in dhaka
  • The passport is valid for at least six months.
  • A copy of the visa required by that country (which country you want to go)
  • The hospital physician provides a summary of the patient’s case.
  • Confirmation of a reservation at a foreign hospital
  • The number of the local doctor.
  • It will take at least eight hours for permission to be granted.
  • Driver Name, Driver mobile Number.
  • The number for the Ambulance or Car
  • Name of attendee, passport number, and mobile phone number.

Transporting The Dead Body: 

The coffin is a container used to transport the deceased in a funeral ceremony. It is usually made of wood, metal, or other materials.

A coffin is used to remember someone who has died. It can be made out of wood, metal or other materials depending on their cultural preferences. Its purpose is to transport the deceased in a funeral ceremony and provide a dignified resting place for their body. 

Coffins can be made out of different materials depending on the person’s cultural preferences. The design and decoration of a coffin can reflect religious beliefs, according to the deceased’s spiritual wishes or even personal taste.

Where Can I get This Service?

helicopter ambulance dhaka air ambulance service in bangladesh

Air ambulance services can be found worldwide. The number of providers varies from country to country, but there are plenty of medical air ambulance service providers in Dhaka. 

They offer helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft that can quickly transport patients from one city to another, providing essential care and often allowing them to reach a hospital before their condition worsens. 

Since air ambulances are more likely to be able to land closer to hospitals than ground ambulances (due to their ability for vertical takeoff and landing), they usually provide more reasonable treatment times. Air ambulances can often carry specialized equipment that other ambulances might not have onboard, which could make all the difference in a patient’s condition.


How Many Patients can an Air Ambulance Carry?

air ambulance service bd in bangladesh

Air Ambulance is an airborne medical service that provides emergency medical care to patients in remote locations. It is usually used for trauma cases and patients with life-threatening injuries.

The air ambulance can carry a maximum of four patients at a time. The average weight of the patient that it can carry is around 100 kilograms or 220 pounds.

An air ambulance can carry up to four injured patients at a time, with an average weight of around 100 kilograms or 220 pounds, according to the Air Medical Network Association.

How Much does an Air Ambulance Cost in Bangladesh?

About BDT 80,000-2,20,000 (For an Air Ambulance) or BDT 90,000-3,15,000 (For a Medical Flight). You may have to pay more depending on your location. These figures are based on a study conducted by The Daily Star. More for information just contact us.

You will also have to pay your doctors and hospital bills if they’re not covered by insurance. Ultimately, it depends on each case whether an air ambulance service is worth paying for.

What is The Function of Air Ambulance Operations?

Air ambulance services (AAS) are provided by dedicated air ambulances or helicopter aeromedical services to fly and transport critically ill or injured patients to specialized medical facilities. 

Who Travels in an Air Ambulance?

Air ambulances are used by people who have to be taken to a medical facility as soon as possible. It can be used for time-sensitive conditions like trauma, heart attacks and strokes. 

Air ambulances are equipped with paramedics who provide medical care en route from one hospital to another. They also have advanced equipment on board, such as ventilators, defibrillators and ECG monitors, which may help save lives even before reaching a hospital.

How do you Arrange an Air Ambulance?

In an emergency, when every second counts, it can take up to a week or more for an air ambulance to arrive. An air ambulance service can cut that time by days or even hours. And how much will it cost? This guide answers all your questions. Let’s get started!

Is Bangladesh a Country?

The country of Bangladesh is located in South Asia, bordering India and Myanmar. The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka, and it is home to a population of over 16 million people. 

The official language of Bangladesh is Bengali, and its currency is Bangladeshi Taka (BDT). By looking at these factors, we can conclude that it’s safe to say that yes, at least for now, Bangladesh does exist as a sovereign nation-state.

Who uses a Yellow Helicopter?

Doctors say that patients who reach the hospital on time have a greater chance of survival. So, when it comes to an air ambulance service provider, they must operate quickly. 

In addition to helicopters, air ambulance service providers may also use planes and light aircraft. This means that patients can be treated at hospitals situated further away from their homes, even if no other modes of transport are available.

Who uses a Red Helicopter?

Red helicopters are often seen in movies and on television, but not many people know what a red helicopter is. Red helicopters are most commonly found to be used by air ambulance services. 

This helicopter can travel at extremely high speeds, making it perfect for emergencies when getting to someone who needs treatment fast is imperative. Air ambulance service providers can use these helicopters to transport patients who need help or loved ones back home after accidents or other unfortunate incidents.

Why are Patients Airlifted?

Air ambulances are necessary, first and foremost, because they can respond more quickly than ground ambulances. They are also used to transport patients over longer distances and to places that lack adequate infrastructures, such as airfields and rural areas. 

One of their most important uses is providing access to advanced trauma care, provided by specialists who treat life-threatening injuries or illnesses. Air ambulance providers can have full-time emergency rooms onboard, allowing doctors to stabilize a patient even while in flight.

What are Some Disadvantages to using air Medical Transport?

Air medical transport is a lifesaving mode of transportation, but it can be costly and inconvenient. Whether you’re paying out-of-pocket or using insurance, air transport can cost anywhere from 80,000 to 3,15,000. Air ambulances usually have few amenities—they’re loud and can travel only to certain destinations—and they may not accept patients with preexisting conditions.

How Fast do Air Ambulances Fly?

helicopter ambulance dhaka air ambulance service in bangladesh

Most air ambulances can fly 120-150 miles per hour. Many air ambulance companies are part of commercial airlines and use those pilots and crew members during emergency flights. If a patient’s situation is critical, some pilots have been known to fly at speeds above 200 miles per hour.

Do Air Ambulances Operate at Night?

While most air ambulance services don’t operate at night, some might be available. If you find yourself with a loved one who is critically injured and requires transportation to a better-equipped hospital, contact your local emergency department or dispatch service.

They may be able to call an air ambulance provider who will be able to assist you. Air ambulances do not have regularly scheduled hours of operation like ground ambulances do.

Can a Life Flight Fly at Night?

air ambulance service provider in bangladesh

Some air ambulance companies don’t allow nighttime flights. In countries with a lack of electricity, you may have to wait up to 6 hours or more until it is dark enough to take off; if your patient is already at risk of dying, every minute counts! Other companies insist on nighttime flights as they claim that their pilots are trained only for day flights and may be unable to fly safely at night.

Can Helicopters Fly at Night?

Helicopters can fly both day and night. Certain helicopters have a service called EMS (Emergency Medical Services), where a helicopter is used to transport medical staff or patients during emergencies. 

This Service mainly operates during the daytime, but some drive at night, depending on contracts between services and their cities. In many cases, these helicopters will often fly while it is dark if they need to get somewhere quickly due to an urgent situation.

How do you Pronounce Ambulance?

Want to save your loved one’s life, but feel helpless because you cannot get them immediate medical care? You can get them to a hospital as quickly as possible with an air ambulance. 

It can be a matter of life and death. Air ambulances are specially equipped aircraft that fly patients directly from one hospital to another. Air ambulances serve people with critical or urgent conditions who need immediate care but can’t travel on conventional transportation by car or plane.

How Long does it Take For an Air Ambulance to Arrive?

air ambulance service near me

Air ambulance service providers usually take around 5-20 minutes to respond to a call, whether from their doctors or paramedics, at a hospital. Many of these services will have aircraft waiting on standby around significant cities so that there’s little delay in transporting someone who needs immediate medical attention. Concerning distance, air ambulances can travel hundreds of miles within hours.


If you live in Dhaka and an emergency strikes, you need a hospital with emergency room facilities. In such situations, an air ambulance is your best bet to save your life and get you treatment as soon as possible. 

The good news is that there’s now an air ambulance service provider that can get you to one of several hospitals across Dhaka quickly, so you have a better chance of surviving any emergency. For example, air ambulance service BD offers air ambulances from Dhaka, which provides flight services seven days a week.

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