The complete guide to air ambulance services in Thailand (1)

The complete guide to air ambulance services in Thailand

Air Ambulance services in Thailand are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They have been around for over 20 years and have become very popular in the country.

Air ambulance services in Thailand are very important. They are the first responders to emergencies and can be used as a bridge between medical care and the injured person’s home.

Because of the government’s strict rules, only the Thai government air ambulance can be recognized as an official flight. The healthcare system in Thailand is efficient and free, but it is not exactly uncomplicated. Although there are several hospitals and doctors in every city, most people choose to go to a private hospital or doctor with private means. 

There are also some public hospitals in Bangkok, the capital city. Most people travel to the hospital alone if they are seriously injured in an accident or do not have a family member at home to take care of them. There are several types of Thai hospitals in Thailand. A hospital is a private clinic where doctors and nurses use advanced imaging techniques to determine what is wrong with the

The Most Beautiful Air Ambulance Services in Thailand.

The most beautiful air ambulance services in Thailand offer their patients the best care and service. They have a certain level of professionalism and prestige that is hard to match. 

This makes them stand out from the rest, even when they cannot provide the best medical care.

Air ambulance services in Thailand are usually expensive, but they offer many benefits for those who can afford them.

What are the most beautiful air ambulance services in Thailand?

Thailand is a popular tourist destination and one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has great beautiful beaches, islands, and natural attractions to see.

The air ambulance service in Thailand is continuously growing as it becomes more popular among tourists. In addition, many helicopter services provide various transport options for those who need to be transported from one place to another quickly.

Thailand’s air ambulance services are divided into two categories: 

Private companies provide helicopter services, while hospitals or military bases offer public ones.

The Royal Thai Air Force (Thai Airways) and its affiliated companies are the most popular helicopter service. Each company offers a different helicopter type, including helicopters with fixed-wing engines and helicopters with jets. 

Helicopters are used in medical emergencies, business travel, rescue operations, short-distance air ambulance transport of critically injured people, and many other uses. In 2013, the Government of Thailand made helicopter travel mandatory for formal marriages. 

This has caused controversy since private helicopters are exempt from this requirement. The main advantage of a helicopter is its ability to see below or over water and above trees and foliage. However, helicopters must be flown by a qualified pilot, who must be able to land where they are required in an emergency.

What are the Benefits and Features of Choosing an Air Ambulance Service in Thailand?

Air Ambulance Services in Thailand offer a wide range of benefits and features. These include the following:

  • Medical care
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Rapid response time
  • Long distance transportations
  • On-site medical care

What are the Best Air Ambulance Services in Bangkok?

Bangkok is a city with many attractions, including the grand temples and the bustling nightlife. With such an amazing city, it is crucial to have a reliable air ambulance service that can get you to the hospital quickly and expertly.

  • Air Ambulance Services in Bangkok:
  • Thai Air Ambulance Service:
  • Bangkok Air Ambulance Service:
  • Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Emergency Medical Services:
  • BMA Emergency Medical Transport Service – BMA:

How to Find an Affordable and Reliable Helicopter Service Provider?

In this article, I will share the top 5 factors that can help you find a reliable helicopter service provider. So, who to look for in a helicopter services company? A few years ago, these five factors would have taken you ample time and energy to figure out. However, nowadays, we have so many resources at our disposal that any task can be completed within 24-48 hours (this depends on the complexity of the tasks). So, today, I would like to share with you the top 5 factors that can help you instantly find a reliable helicopter services provider.


Helicopter service providers who take ordinary aerial shots will never provide better aerial photos than those taken by people working in a professional pilot training school. But, if your company needs a professional photographer who has taken thousands of aerial shots, you must look for a reputable helicopter services provider.


Helicopter service providers who choose to work with only people who are not USCRs (Un-certified Professional Contractors) would never provide better aerial photos than those provided by certified users.


Helicopter services providers rate their services depending on how much they charge for the aerial photos they provide to their clients. A good helicopter photographer will never take any money from you at the beginning of your project and then charge you after a successful job.


Helicopter service providers delivering the aerial photos within 24 hours will be considered the best among them. Those helicopter photographers who take more than one day to deliver their aerial photos are considered unreliable because they are usually forced to work in very busy and crowded places because of their clients’ urgent demand for their aerial photographs. If you think about it, you have to pay more for good quality aerial photos than for less expensive ones.


Some photographers on websites like eBay offer cheaper and more popular alternatives to their services. Still, an aerial photo is probably the only thing you need to make your life easier. So if you are fed up with the same old tracks, photographs, and pictures of your helicopter, I am sure you will be happy with their services as there must not be much difference between them.

The Air Ambulance Services in Thailand and How They Are Transforming Healthcare

The Air Ambulance Services in Thailand are a multi-billion dollar industry providing medical aid to needy people. The demand for their services is increasing, and they are expected to reach a milestone of 10 billion dollars by 2020.

To address this, the government has decided to launch a new program created in 2017 to increase its effectiveness and efficiency. The program’s objective is for them to have more than 1,500 ambulances at all times, which will enable them to reach any part of the country within 24 hours in case of an emergency. 

In addition, they will also be able to provide medical assistance to the people in need, regardless of where they are. The aim is that all populations will be given access to oxygen and lighting. The program will consist of five phases, starting with a pilot project involving 25 ambulances at the beginning of 2018 and expanding their coverage during the following years.

What is an Air Ambulance Service? What Makes Them so Popular?

An air ambulance service is a medical transport service that provides emergency medical services. The number of air ambulances in Thailand is growing at an unprecedented rate. They are now one of the most popular services that people use to get medical treatment when they need it urgently.

Air ambulances are commonly used in rural areas or areas of poor governmental services. These facilities have little access to medical care facilities and organizations providing other health services. Due to limited resources, its clients often choose air ambulance service over any other type of medical care when they need it fast. The types of air ambulances that are available in Thailand include :

Loaner airplanes are powered airplanes that are rented to people. Some of them belong to the helicopter companies operating in Thailand. The aircraft are used for short-term and long-term transportation while patients undergoing emergency medical treatment could be flown from one location to another within minutes.

How Air Ambulance Services are Redefining the Healthcare Industry

We live in a world where the Internet and mobile devices have become a very important part of our lives. It has become common to be on the go from morning to night. This means that we are constantly on the move, whether going to work, for dinner, or even just for a coffee break.

While this might be an advantage when finding new job opportunities or even getting a new job, another side of this coin is that constantly moving can result in stress and anxiety. 

This is why so many people opt for Air Ambulance Services when they need emergency medical services in case of an accident or emergency. When they need help during an accident, they call their Air Ambulance Service, which will take them.

What is the Unique Value of an Air Ambulance Service in Thailand

The company that provides air ambulance service in Thailand is “Air Ambulance Service Thais” (AAST). It was established in 1982. The AAST is the largest provider of air ambulance services in Thailand.

AAST is the largest air ambulance service provider in Thailand. Like most other countries, there are several local and international air ambulances. In the past, there were many difficulties in finding an air ambulance service that was reliable and affordable. AAST was one of those companies that provided reliable and affordable emergency medical services throughout Thailand.

How to Choose an Air Ambulance Service in Thailand with Care

The main aim of this article is to help you choose an air ambulance service in Thailand with care. With the changing of the world, human society has developed and changed.

However, the products and services used by human society have not changed yet. As a result, the products and services people use today still depend on old technology. For example, we do not have an air ambulance service in Thailand with care on our side though we should leave a greater impact on our lives than ever before. 

Therefore, people can make their life much easier and better by using a registered air ambulance service in Thailand with care. Air ambulance services in Thailand are provided by registered medical aid societies whose main function is to provide free medical aid services. 

However, as there is no regulation regarding the number of registered medical aid societies in Thailand, a person must choose an air ambulance service provider that is acceptable to the society and provides air ambulance services with care.

For example, some people choose a registered medical aid society because they can get their private vehicle insurance coverage and have hospitals in the location close to their homes. Some people also use a registered medical aid society because they can get an air ambulance service provider from an international organization (such as ATS).

How to Avoid Getting a Bad Experience with an Air Ambulance Service in Thailand 

Air Ambulance Services in Thailand are not as efficient as they could be. This is because they do not have the best equipment and are not always available.

Air ambulance services in Thailand are known for their professionalism and high level of care. However, sometimes they don’t deliver the results that clients would like. Therefore, it is important to understand that some services are not as good as they should be. 

The Thai Air Ambulance Service (TAS) is one of the oldest air ambulance services in the world, established in 1947, and has been providing medical services to the local community since then. As of October 2010, there were 4000 volunteers and 14 medical aircraft owned by the TAS.

The paramedics are only trained to deliver medical treatment; they do not have any background in emergency medicine. Two thousand six hundred people work as security staff at Bangkok International Airport, who ensure that no outsiders try to cause harm or damage to airports and aircraft.

Consider Having a Routine Flight Medic Check for Your Health & Safety

The health and safety of the passengers are a top priority for airlines. They have to ensure that the aircraft is safe for all passengers. Therefore, they must ensure adequate medical staff to deal with emergency cases.

Medical staff on board an aircraft are trained to deal with such episodes. They must be able to administer first aid, help in emotional management and provide the right kind of treatment for the patient. Jetairfly is a well-known air charter company that provides a wide range of services in the same industry. 

Besides being one of India’s largest aviation companies, Jetairfly also owns three other aircraft firms, namely Pinnacle International and Leisure Aviation Ltd. This is showcased by the fact that they are joint-venture partners of Jet Airways. 

The airline also has a wide array of services and products like discounted fares for tourists, students, children, and even retired people. They have also been providing aero ply.

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